Meeting the (global) needs through partnership


Operations & Maintenance

In global and hectic business, it is essential to have the right skills in the right place at the right time. On this quest, we can stand by the customer and offer them the expertise we have gained over the past years.

Jari Saaranen, Head of Business, Operations & Maintenance Services. Photo: Anssi Koskinen

“Our customers often have annual and periodical projects which create demand peaks for field service technicians and engineers”, says Jari Saaranen, Head of Business Unit O&M.

Having a strong background in OEM’s (Original equipment manufacturer) lifecycle business, Saaranen points out that for the OEMs, it’s all about reliability, agility, and responsiveness. Prohoc aims to build global capability to support on this quest. Partnering with experts like Prohoc is a sensible way to enhance responsiveness and reliability, while optimizing the use of OEM’s internal field service resources.

This is in Prohoc’s DNA, Saaranen says. In addition to just providing skills and competence to meet the customer’s needs, it is crucial to take a holistic approach to every project. It is the key to growth and broader service offering.


When it comes to achieving a global footprint, the time is now.

During the pandemic, the world seemed to shrink: the digital communication took an unprecedented leap, which made it easier to build and run businesses globally even for mid-sized companies. Combined with the change of perspective in the market, this gives us momentum like never before. Asset owners and investors are seeking to find more LTSA (Long Term Service Agreement) deals with the OEMs to secure their investments, and while the latter are happily doing this, it creates needs for the OEMs to further strengthen their global service capability.

Nevertheless, the opportunity does not come on a silver platter. In order to maintain, not to mention improve, our position in business, we must be vigilant in identifying potential partners. This requires acknowledging the competitive factors and strengths of our customers.

Once these essential factors are identified, we can focus on supporting the customer in areas critical to them and provide solutions for those that are not at the core of their expertise. For example, we can be a reliable partner in resource allocation and finding the right competence for the global lifecycle business.


Building the global presence, Prohoc is established as a partner that understands the customer and is able to serve them with confidence. As a result of building global partnerships, Prohoc has access to top talents around the world.

“We’ve been supporting global OEMs in their projects since the end of 90’s and this has taken us to more than 100 countries around the globe. We know the skills and competencies required, and what it takes to  mobilize our teams and work safely around the world”, Matti Manner, Executive Chairman of the Board, sums up.

Safety plays a critical role in Prohoc’s new O&M strategy. One of the main principles is that if the location country has lower safety standards than our company has, we will always follow the higher standards. “Recently, health and safety have finally received the attention they deserve. Our own procedures are helpful in maintaining the worksite safe even in situations where the factory is operating during the maintenance break”, Jari Saaranen says.


Expanding the global field services have already begun. The next step is to establish a foothold in Central America, where the development of collaborative networks have already been underway for quite some time.

Early 2024, Central America hub will be up and running, where there is, among other things, an abundance of engine power plants.

Markku Aspholm from Prohoc’s O&M Business Development is currently conducting a marketing survey in the region and establishing Prohoc business. The preliminary results are looking bright.

“The feedback has been very positive. Clearly there is a demand for field services resourcing in the area”, Aspholm states.

Markku has a long work history in the region as leader in the OEM’s lifecycle services and has good access to expertise in the area.

Networking is the key to success in this business. The first recruitments have already been made as well as a plan to grow the headcount rapidly. 2025 will be a year of expansion in Central America and the aim is to build global scalability in the following years.

“Major industrial players in energy, pulp paper, mining industry among others have locations in that area and we are ready to help them operate their field services business as efficiently as possible and later expand to other regions.”


After Central America, the natural development is to seek further growth in other countries. For example, the US, having a very attractive investment market at the moment driven by the IRA stimulus, is a market where Prohoc is looking to expand rather soon.

Eastern Europe and Asia could also be profitable locations for new service hubs and these are currently in the evaluation phase. It is best to aim high, says Jari Saaranen, because after all, you basically have to put the same amount of effort in both small and big business development initiatives. The main thing, however, is to keep the goal in sight: a happy customer. It is best achieved by listening to the customer and maintaining an open and communicative touch.