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Prohoc: Leading the Way in PMC Services

In the dynamic realm of project management, Project Management Contractors (PMC) stand as the cornerstone, ensuring the smooth and successful execution of projects across diverse industries. At Prohoc, our operations have long been centred around providing services for capital-intensive industrial projects, with our PMC team delivering project management consultancy services for a diverse range of projects. Recognizing the need to ascend the service maturity ladder and shoulder more responsibility on behalf of our customers, Prohoc has taken significant strides in this direction.

Today, Prohoc has grown into a formidable force comprising over 400 professionals. This expansion has necessitated the crystallisation of the Prohoc way of working in PMC projects, a unique approach that combines our vast experience with advanced methodologies. As we continue to evolve and adapt, we remain committed to delivering excellence in project management.


Commitment to Excellence

At Prohoc, we are more than just a service provider specializing in project management. We are dedicated to delivering top-tier Project Management Contracting services with a human-oriented approach. Our focus extends beyond attracting skilled workers; we prioritize building functional teams and equipping them with the requisite tools for excellence.

Our commitment to our customers is unwavering. We only undertake projects when we are confident in our ability to deliver. This confidence stems from our distinctive approach to project management, characterized by a robust methodology and a comprehensive set of templates designed for utilization during project development and execution phases. These methodologies encompass processes and instructions that guide our teams, ensuring every project is handled with utmost professionalism and expertise.


Harnessing Collaborative Partnerships

In addition to our internal resources, we leverage our extensive network of partners, particularly for engineering and design. This collaborative approach enables us to bring a diverse range of skills and perspectives to each project. Thereby we enhance the quality of our work and offer customers the option to split the traditional EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) contract model into E and PMC, ensuring optimal expertise and risk/incentive alignment for the project.

Prohoc’s excellence stems from streamlined project execution, skills optimization, risk mitigation, and quality assurance. We ensure projects are completed on scope, on time, and within budget by efficiently managing resources and capabilities. Our professionals proactively address and mitigate project risks, while rigorous quality standards ensure that all project requirements are met or exceeded from inception to maintenance.

The Impact of Prohoc’s Redesigned Service

Our redesigned service, comprising over 50 templates and other documents guiding work throughout the project lifecycle, has already captured the interest of our customers. Projects are currently at various lifecycle stages, showcasing the versatility and applicability of our resources. Notably, these templates have proven successful tools during the sales and preparation phases of projects, further enhancing the value and effectiveness of our service. This positive reception and practical application underscore the significant strides we’ve made in enhancing our service.


Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We remain committed to continuous improvement and are evaluating tools, including new AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions for the upcoming years. These tools will cater to various use cases and expertise areas within the PMC, ensuring our service remains at the forefront of project management solutions.



Whether you’re an investor, owner, or main contractor, our Project Management Contractor (PMC) services stand ready to lead your project execution, aligning with your time, cost, and scope goals. Get in touch with us!


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