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We are constantly recruiting new professionals for project business, operation and maintenance services, and for the manufacturing industry. If you’re passionate about your work and want to grow as an professional and as a part of a team, we want to hear from you! Contact us now and let’s make great things happen!

Are you looking to join a company that values teamwork, integrity, making things happen, and well-being? At Prohoc, our company culture is all about bringing together talented professionals who share our values and want to make a difference.


We care for each other.


We care for customer’s success

Make it happen.

We care for excellence.


We care for happier workdays.

Meet your match

We take candidate and employee experience very seriously. We believe that an open environment, safety and wellbeing of our people as well as new learning opportunities are our power to solve the customer challenges. 

At Prohoc everyone can genuinely be their authentic selves and use their best abilities and strengths to succeed in their work. We are committed to offer you caring company culture where, we embrace work-life balance and commitment to work for the common good. 

  • Full support and development opportunities to succeed in your
  • Safe working environment where people from diverse backgrounds are welcomed to join. 
  • Great colleagues to work with and beside work also have fun on the way.
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Prohoc was founded 1996 and has since been part of more than 1000 project deliveries around the world. Please contact us to hear what kind of opportunities we have ongoing and in the future!